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A man named Nurudeen has set the internet ablaze and sent social media users into a shock state after sharing a photo of the food he was eating in which he found a piece of meat that looked like a human hand. The post has attracted many reactions on the internet. The man shared this mysterious and hilarious moment on his social media handle to look for answers.

This man referenced in the post that he saw somebody’s hand in the fufu he purchased from a nearby slash bar. The photo actually looks quite shocking as it bears all five fingers, just like a human body. The post reads:

I went to this chop bar somewhere in the eastern region to cut off the day’s quest with some loaded fufu and bush meat and this is what I got. Can you imagine this, all in the name of bush meat? The meat tasted funny until I met somebody’s fingers in my soup. By then, the fufu finished.”

Many social media users have shared their ideas as some think it’s a different creature like a bush animal, not a human, while others were just shocked and amazed at seeing the post.

Here is a photo of the post;

Source: Operanews

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