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Peace and Mercy of the Risen Lord be with you, your families and all other loved ones!

Today, April 19, is the Second Sunday of Easter. It is also the Divine Mercy Sunday. Celebrating the Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ as revealed by Christ Himself to St Maria Faustina Kowalska, this feast was extended to the entire Catholic Church by St Pope John Paul Il on April 30, 2000, the very day he canonized Saint Faustina.

To those of you who were able to observe the great Novena emanating from this popular devotion, I salute you.

To you who have been and/ or wish to start or continue praying the amazing prayer at 3pm each day to the Divine Mercy, I urge you on in this worthy endeavour.

This morning, I celebrated the Holy Eucharist – alone – again- but not in a lonely manner.

In spite of the deafening silence of our huge and beautiful but physically empty church, I led all of you, through Christ, with Christ, and in Christ, in the unity of the Holy Spirit (our Patron) to give thanks and profound glory and honour to God our Almighty Father.

I bore in mind your private intentions, the intentions of your families, your loved ones and your communities.  I prayed for our nation and all the other nations of our planet. Strong in mind is the huge weight of the uncertainties, fears and hurts brought about by the corona virus. I prayed for healing for those afflicted directly or indirectly by the pandemic, at home and abroad.

I prayed specially for the many health care personnel, most of whom are endangering their very lives as they nurse and guide us all through this horrible virus. I prayed also for a swift end to this virus, through most effective medication and vaccines, that our world would begin quickly to work again.

Many people are very disillusioned by the effects of the virus; some have no iota of confidence in any better tomorrow; indeed I have heard of a few who are certain that if there was God, this evil would not occur.  To them, God is either non-existent or dead.

Let us support ourselves and those so much in despair, with the assurances of Christ to Thomas in today’s Gospel: “Blessed are those who can not see but believe.”

The Church may be physically empty now, but the tabernacle lamp keeps shinning brightly, morning, noon, evening and night.

Many may be losing hope, but Christ is truly risen.

Like Thomas, we may be wondering if Christ has truly risen and appeared in glory to His disciples.

Yes, my beloved;

Christ has died


Christ will come again.

All the anxieties will come to an end. And we shall be physically together again.


Fr. Anthony Afful-Broni

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