Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Martin Amidu

My late grandmother Akua Addai used to say: “wo yi, yɛ’eyi wo agorɔ yi mu, wose ‘aka me nwom baako'”.

She normally resorted to using that aphorism by the Goka people when she loses interest in what people say or do, and is not prepared to give them another chance.
As a noble woman, Nana, as we called her, wouldn’t exchange words with those she disagreed with, but turning to those around her, she’ll say it softly, in that proverb given, “we’re throwing you out from the stage, and you’re protesting to be played for your last song”.

Same words would be used for Martin Amidu, who goes about town with self-decorated title as a “citizen vigilante against corruption in Ghana”.

Martin Amidu is the only saint that will hold his nose tight when a stinking can of corruption is opened.
He’s the wordsmith, the Shakespeare of contemporary times who coins the best vocabulary to describe corrupt people.

To the late president Attah Mills, Martin Amidu said of as overseeing “gargantuan corruption”. To the former president Mahama he never saw a brotherhood of elites who so siphons dry the republic’s milk.
And yesterday (27/11/2020) in his 27-page-epistles of corruption, he called the sitting president, Nana Akuffo Addo, “a mother serpent of corruption”.

The holiest sage isolated into the ivory tower of the summit of Ghana’s holy mountain, you same Martin Amidu were resourced with the platform to strip naked those you’ve all your political years had intelligence about, clad in the festering shrouds of corruption. What have you today to show for your result (s)?
Another vocabulary to take centre-stage of the political arena in the 2020 electioneering?
No, no one will have ears for your discordant jargons played on that your obsolete keyboard. Incredulity, and a complete failure, for want of an euphemistic word, is your lot today and tomorrow.

Now is the time truth be told as it’s, without massaging words when we address characters like Martin Amidu.

Look, the messiahs of old, those who threw their hearts to the use of the public fighting evils of their times, they cared not for what became of their lives. The Moseses and the Jesuses were not wearing shields that repelled missiles, or owned armoury that instilled fear in those they came against. They feared not to be killed. They cared not for their comfort. Yet their examples we want for in our homes, naming our children after them. Because they left behind a legacy of selflessness and a bettered world.
What they cared for was the freedom of the oppressed, and the restoration of mankind’s birthright – justice.

Not so we see in you, Mr. Holiest man Martin Amidu.
In your first response to the presidency’s rejoinder to your resignation letter, you threatened fire and brimstone to plague whoever dared attempting to take your life. Even to the point of you ringing a rusting tribal bell that ‘your tribesmen are ready to drive south to defend you in any attack against your life’.

Who a Messiah flee from what they’ve sworn to die for? Ɔwoso adɔtɔ suro akorokra?

Ghana is making some gains relatively, and comparatively, as to our neighbours. We’ve not reached the promised land yet. As was done to the spies who feared and infected same to the Israelites marching on to posses the land flowing with honey and milk, Martin Amidu does not deserve a space in our long walk to redemption.

Ghana does not need “holier-than- thou” accusers anymore if indeed we’re bent on claiming the promised land in yonder. Is it a new thing to our body-polity having so called messiahs who only fingers others as being corrupt?
How many souls were not taken down by the gun during the past revolutions? Why then do we still have corruption dining with us at every national banquet? Were same killers of the then corrupt officers not accused of same sins in their later years when given the mandate to lead the people?

Our homeland is not starved of talkers. It’s never drought of finest prophets who only see dust on the eyes of others but fail to see the logs in their own.

The new thing miraculous we’re expecting is the thinkers, the strong men who are going to build strong institutions that will make corruption unappetizing to the insatiable glutinous hyenas that devour every flesh of Ghana’s progress.

The Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) could be counted as a strong institution built by a strong man. You Martin Amidu thrust there only prioritised luxurious accommodation and chauffeured in fancy cars. Not what you beguiled Ghanaians earlier for – arresting and keying to the gallows forever, the fiendish grafters when they dared reared their ugly heads.
We only believe in the presidency’s word, not yours, a questionable acclaimed anti-graft campaigner.
With your long pen, you can write and publish whatever epistle induced by your palpable hallucinations, but turning to the portrait of my grandmother before me as I write now, I borrow her words, telling you that: “no one marks your word anymore”.

God bless our homeland Ghana, and pardon us of Martin Amidu’s ilks in today’s and the next generation’s of nation builders.

Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)
The Founder Of One Ghana Movement (#1GhM)
Contact: +233249542111

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