Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Kwame Asare Obeng, popularly known as A Plus, a Ghanaian singer, hip-life rapper, and political activist, celebrated his birthday yesterday, March 6, 2022.

The Ghanaian musician was born on March 6, 1977, making him 45 years old yesterday.

Many Ghanaian musicians, including Kwesi Pee, came to perform songs for A Plus during his birthday party.

Many of the ladies at the event got on the dancefloor during Kwesi Pee’s performance on stage. These ladies were dancing in a circle around Kwesi Pee.

A-Plus was also caught in the queue while the ladies were dancing. There was one lady in a pink dress with a very large backside.

This lady was being followed by a Plus. After seeing this video, some Ghanaians claimed that A Plus was obsessing over this lady’s enormous backside.

Some Ghanaians claimed that if he hadn’t had a wife, he would have enjoyed this lady’s backside.

When you watch the video closely, you can see that A Plus’s attention was drawn to this lady’s backside, and he almost lost control.

The lady was also romantically shaking her backside, making it difficult for the musician to ignore her. Any man would have looked at this lady’s backside and noticed how enticing it was.

watch the video below;


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