Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

In Ghana, it appears that instant punishments for thieves are becoming more common. When thieves are caught stealing in public places, they are no longer beaten or taken to the police station.

The screenshots from the video in this article show a young man, probably in his twenties, being ordered to desilt a clogged gutter.

According to the report, the young man was apprehended this morning, Friday, February 11, 2022, while stealing goods in the vicinity of Aseda House Adum, Ashanti Region. After catching him, the people decided to punish him rather than beat him as is customary.

They gave him hand gloves and told him to get into a gutter and collect all of the trash in the gutter. Without a choice, the young man entered the gutter and began doing exactly what he was told to do. In fact, he was performing his duties with zeal and without hesitation.

After hearing about this, some Ghanaians stated that it is an excellent punishment for thieves. To keep our surroundings clean, they encourage the public to punish thieves with this type of punishment.

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