Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

In an unprecedented move, Twellium Industries, the leading manufacturing company has embraced supporting Ghanaian farmers.

Consumers are becoming more health conscious when it comes to food consumption and that is the main motivation for baking and producing the new healthy oats meal biscuits.

Mr. Ajami, the Marketing Director said in an interview during the launch of the innovative nutritious McBerry Biscuits that;
“With the blend of fresh cashews, fresh groundnuts and real oats harvested from the heart of Ghana Farms, McBerry has become the right choice for the healthy lifestyle of Ghanaian consumers.”

This great initiative is not only bringing a nutritional value of a great protein and vitamins source to the public but it is also supporting the local farmers by the purchase of their crops, thus, the Ghanaian fresh Cashews, Groundnuts, Cocoa and so many other finest ingredients.

The new range of London Oats Biscuits is baked with 0% trans-fat soft dough which is good for improving heart health and contains the signature real oats ingredient that is a good source of fiber which can lower cholesterol levels and help you lose weight, making the biscuit an ideal snack for an on-the-go healthy meal (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

The Classy Tray London Oats Digestive and it’s remarkable packaging in which the biscuits come in, makes it very convenient for consumption by offices, hotels, modern markets and the general public.

The biscuit’s quality and standard has been tested and approved by the Food & Drugs Authority, the Ghana Standards Authority and other reliable third-party laboratories.

By continuing to provide a wide variety of healthy biscuits, the McBerry Biscuits brand supports the Made-in-Ghana ideology hence, enabling the use of ingrown ingredients in the country while significantly serving the public with original, wholesome cookies and oatmeal biscuits.

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