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Mr. President, We The Bono People Do Not Recognise The Announced One Covid-19 Case In Our Region

The Abasosem programme on Radio BAR 93.5 MHz hosted by Danjuma Yaro today, (9/5/2020), has kept me wondering the scientific reason behind the recorded Covid-19 case in the Bono Region as I deciphered with my clairvoyance the utterances of the two officers heard on the show. One a medical doctor mandated to talk on the patient and how his test proved positive. The other, an immigration officer who spoke on how the boarder guards apprehended the illegal Togolese migrant  who entered Ghana in Sampa, Jaman North, via Ivory Coast.

The medical doctor described the patient as “a notorious person who never regarded deterrents to barricades stopping his entry to the Ghanaian territory” (sic).

And the immigration officer added that “it’s his (the Togolese) third time apprehension thus, illegally trespassing on our jurisdiction” (sic).

The two pronouncements made by the two experts, as emotionally charged as it’s, corroborates also, making it liable to scrutiny.

Such pronouncements sounds more of political reasoning, a common sense, than scientific approach to testing and declaring the immigrant as a Covid-19 patient registered in the Bono region.

If as the hypothesis raised was the reason behind such moves, the Jaman North and the Bono people could have been served better if our name is not added to a record that would have a lasting socioeconomic effects on us as a people. It’ll affect our trade,  medical history and wellbeing.

Within the Bono region, the people of Sampa are opened to be made pariah, stigmatisation, if they would use public spaces in commuting vehicles, markets, and social gatherings. To be allowed future traveling to other jurisdictions, there’s a possibility of being subjected to mandatory vaccination against the Covid-19 if we don’t delete this cooked medical records attached to dent the perfect healthbill of the Bono people.

If the testing and declaring of unsuspecting souls nationwide are done with sensationalism as the Bono one seems, then Mr. President, it’s time the *One Ghana Movement (1GhM) I lead draw your attention to it that, you wouldn’t  want to mess up with medical records of our country owing to its lethal ramifications. It’s time you keep checks on those mandated to trace and check. Let us not be led to play with the gallery, toying with Ghana’s medical records.

A Togolese immigrant arrested on our border, tested positive, whiles negative tests for his contacts, sounds more of a fairytale to be accepted as “The Bono region has recorded one Covid-19 case”. We the Bono people don’t recognise that record.



Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)

The Founder Of One Ghana Movement (#1GhM)

Contact/WhatsApp: +233249542111


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