Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

The Honorable member of Parliament representing the good people of Asawasi constituency, Hon. Muntaka Mohammed has dropped another attention-grabbing secret about some members in the minority caucus during a recent interview on Angel Fm.

As maintained by him, Ghana’s current politics is game of numbers and that, almost every state institutions are virtually working for the NPP so therefore the minority will face defeat anytime cases are taken to the supreme court. Interestingly, he revealed the members from the minority must be wary because they can fall into the traps of the majority.

Nevertheless, in his revealing secret about member in the minority, he emphatically stated that twenty-seven members from the minority side had covid-19 during the day the speaker was being elected. Shockingly, he said some of their members even went into coma and so if anyone is talking about any member of parliament being absent, especially criticising the majority, we need to be very careful. Further lamented by him, a lot of people do not know that.

Source:Angel FM

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