Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Ama told SVT Africa that her father adored her because he had always wanted a female, despite the fact that she had experienced life at a young age.

“Because my father was desperate for a female, I was his first choice.” He did everything for me, despite the fact that he didn’t have much. As a result, I appreciated that way of life, and it influenced the types of men I dated.

“I wouldn’t say they (married men) spoiled me financially,” she said, “but my father taught me a lot and exposed me to a good lifestyle.”

She went on to say that, despite the men’s marriages, she had no issues with their families.

“I felt comfortable dating married men because I would never harm or confront his family unless there was a compelling reason to do so.” “I advise them to tell their spouses that we’re dating because otherwise, I may pay her a visit,” she claimed.

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