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A young Ghanaian lady has revealed how her pastor washed her ‘honey pot’ with water and sand all in the name of deliverance.
Speaking in a one-on-one interview with Emelia Brobbey on her Okukuseku show, she disclosed that she went to her pastor for prayers and deliverance when she realized that she was married to a spirit in her dreams.

“I use to see myself in sexual intercourse with a spirit in my dreams and for that matter I went to my pastor to deliver me out of it. When I arrived at the church he told me to come to his house in order for him to solve that problem for me.

Since my pastor is married with kids, I never thought of anything evil so I went. My pastor then told me that I have to live with him for some days so he can cast away that spirit husband from my life to which I agreed.

Whenever my pastor’s wife is not in the house, my pastor will call me to his room and begin to show me pornographic movies on his laptop. I was surprised my pastor could do such a thing and for that matter, I told his assistant pastor but never believe what I said. My pastor called me another day when his wife wasn’t around and he had s³x with me with the hope that the spirit husband will depart from my life. After he had the s³x with me, he told me that I must be bath to hinder the spirit husband to come and have affair with me.

“We went to where his church is and he mix water with sand. After mixing the water with the sand, he bathed me naked at the church. After bathing me naked at the church, he then told me that it has left one last thing to do in order to drive the spirit away from me. The last thing is that he has to have affair with me at the church and was my private with the sand and water to deter the spirit from entering my private part. I agreed and he was washed my private part with the sand and water at the same time.”

Watch the video below;

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