Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

U.S based Ghanaian media personality Kevin Taylor landed knockout blows on actress Tracey Boakye in a recent episode of his show.

Taylor blasted Boakye for glorifying her ash*wo lifestyle publicly and also being a political liability for former President Mahama.

Taylor has a sharp tongue which he utilises to take on all sorts of powerful public figures – this was Tracey Boakye’s turn.

He blasted her for strutting about feeling proud of herself when she made her money by selling her body.

According to him, being a prostitute is her profession, which is fine, but she shouldn’t go around bragging about it.

He called her out for not flatly not coming out to deny that Mahama is the Papa No and instead uses it for clout.

Taylor angrily blasted Tracey and said she should reveal who her Papa No is if he’s any sort of honourable man.

He said her body is deformed and not even appealing to look at, giving her the name apeewala!

Taylor was furious and held nothing back.

Listen below…

Source: Loudsilencemedia

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