Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

A few days ago, the talented and beautiful newscaster Serwaa
Amihere goofed on live TV when she was about signing off, saying “…wash
your hand under running soap” instead of water.

Ghanaians trolled the newscaster with several funny videos though they are very much aware it could have happened to anyone.

 Nana Aba commented she said “Serwaa has been on TV saying wash your
hands under running water and soap for a long time and we are bound to
slip all the time and other correct them, there is no need to laugh at
people because we all don’t know any better”

She added that “I get corrected all the time too and before I go on
air to do interviews I pick up a book on grammar to read because I don’t
know it all and that’s why I correct people” She added that it’s normal
to make mistakes and people shouldn’t laugh at others when they make
mistakes but correct them.

What happened with Serwaa was a slip of her tongue and that could happen to anyone.

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