Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

As the adage goes “he who climbs a good tree deserves a push”.Arise and shine all you people from the north, for the glory of the most high has shine mightily on you. The appointment of Mustapha Ussif as “sports minister” never came as a news to us since we the people of the great Mamprusi land know what he’s capable of.

Not long ago when he was appointed the boss of national service scheme (NSS), his achievements in that short term has proven that he deserves any position.
I personally would wish that he’s maintained as the Boss of Nss since his departure has left Nss personnel in limbo as January has extinct without any sign of being given their meagre allowance.

Before personally rendering my service, I was told by predecessors that Nss allowance is usually paid using the ‘NDC principle’ (get one month salary for two months work done ) but I saw the opposite.
Even in the peak periods of the COVID-19 , many personnel were paid for no work done since the normal time table for those going to schools was distorted. Payments were made on time.

Fast forward into his appointment following exiting NSS position , payment of personnel is resuming the NDC principle, it’s been February but there is no sign and sigh of relief for and from personnel.

I strongly know that the days of mourning our sports is over, it’s the rise of a new dawn in our sporting sphere.

Dear H. E Nana Addo, like Jesus Christ praying on the mountain of Gathsemene, I personally wish that this cup (sports minister) should by-pass Mustapha Ussif for him to continue his good work for Nss but for the betterment of sports and Ghana at large, use him for such agenda.

Ghana is behind you Mustapha Ussif, the spirit of the scorching rising sun from the North is with you.
“Tuma daana”!!! tum Tuma nte Ghana ‘


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