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The whole brouhaha about the Achimota Forest is still raging. The news first broke on Tuesdays when rumors went viral that the forest had been sold. The Minister of Lands and Natural Resources later came out to assuage fears that the forest had not been sold. Samuel Abu Jinapor explained that only certain peripheral portions of the forest have been declassified and released to the Owoo Family, the original owners of the land.

Beatrice Annan Esq. on TV3’s New Day today, Thursday, May 19, 2022 lambasted the government for deliberating trying to sell parts of the Achimota Forest and using the Owoo Family as care off. She noted that loot and share is the visible characteristic of the Akufo-Addo led government. According to lawyer Beatrice it was mischievous that the initial Mahama land to be released was 118 acres of land but now about 361 aces have been released. She wondered where the rest of the land will go to.

The versatile NDC communicator explained that the Owoo Family have not made any new request on their land since the 2013 agreement to give them 118 acres and so the only explanation is that government intends to use the over 200 acres to enrich themselves. She called on Ghanaians to be on the watch because very soon other individuals will start owing lands close to the forest. Berla Mundi tried to disassociate Media General from these allegations but Beatrice insisted that she has evidence to substantiate her claims.

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