Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

● Kindly note that Nss personnel are categorized into two;

1. SUBVENTED CATEGORY: This simply means you have been posted to a government institution hence you would be paid by Nss only.
Those under this category are required to register for E- Zwich cards from any bank. Then login to their dashboard to provide the E- zwich details Number to be recognized as a service and paid once they submit their monthly report forms. The E-Zwich number would again be taken at the regional level once the personnel goes for the regional registration and biometric.

2. NON SUBVENTED CATEGORY This means you have been posted to a private institution hence the private institution is to pay you. Most of this institutions pay higher than the required nss allowance. They would decide the methods of payment either through your bank account or table top and not through E-Zwich.

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