Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Ladies and Gentlemen, the all awaited career guidance and online training class is coming on live on the 3rd-4th October, 2020 , from 12:00-2:00 pm each. The Webinar is dubbed, Don’t Rush After School, guess what it entails? Surprises! You would be surprised at the knowledge gap between life after school (SHS) and Job seeking that needs to be filled. Were you taught ‘Application Letter’ writing throughout your high school education? You don’t need, write a letter to your District Assembly in the job arena. You don’t need, write myself again.

All you need now is a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a Cover letter, which are basic requirement for job everywhere in the world. Why would you miss in this lifetime important class when you have doubt and uncertain about what to do next after school? Don’t be a sceptics or sophomoric about the new world of information. As anonymously said, “the different between the rich and the poor is nothing than privy to information”. We would surprise you with a world of opportunities where you could earn scholarship and offer programmes/course free.

The pack will end in an introduction to programmes/course and admissions in Ghanaian Tertiary Institutions. When you miss it, I bet, you cannot pay back dear. Cease the opportunity now! Just a day to go, so be registered.

Join our WEBINAR on the 3rd-4th October 2020 for more as we answer the most questions that students often ask after SHS at a cost of 8.00 GH Cedis only.

Use the link to join and chat as personal as well

Alternatively, contact 0541848553/+233553986808/+233578684757 for more enquiries. Register now! Since we have few slot and certificate of participation would be awarded as a proof of personal development.

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