Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Eugene Arhin

Controversial Counsellor George Luterodt has advised Ghanaian men not to get married to women like the wife of embattled Director Of Communication at the Presidency, Eugene Arhin.

Social Media was awash with a petition for divorce by wife of Eugene Arhin.

In the petition, Gloria Arhin stated the various abuses she has had to suffer at the hands of her husband and also a list of properties she will want to be shared because they acquired them during the period they were married.

But reacting to the viral petition, the Counselor said such a woman cannot be married because death awaits any man who gets married to her.

“…if it’s true that the post running was released by her, then Eugene is better off without his woman as a wife…he has done well to divorce such a woman….are you serious? If you live with such a woman why won’t you die early?”

He called on Eugene Arhin to organize a thanksgiving service for leaving such a woman.

“ If It’s true that she posted what is being round, then Eugene Arhin should go Church on Sunday to thank God for having such a burden out of his life.”


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