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A photographer was caught on camera doing something to a lady, and many social media users couldn’t stop laughing after watching the video

A close look at the video, shows a photographer getting ready to photograph a bride. He was seen applying baby oil to the bride’s body.

However, while he was applying the baby oil, someone suggested that he apply some of the oil to the lady’s breasts.

You can see that this bride has large breasts, and her outfit has also exposed the breasts.

The Photographer also did what was asked of him. It’s unclear where her husband was at the time, but after seeing the video, some people stated that they would never allow a photographer to do this to their wives or girlfriends.

If this is required before they take photographs, they will do it themselves.

Others said that what the photographer did doesn’t show professionalism. He should have called the husband to do this job.

Watch the video.

Source: Operanews

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