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Ever since Aunty Corona Visited us unexpectedly, I have for times without number been as

asked by a lot of people (you might be one) about how they can  make money whiles at home, or do i have any job for them, (forgetting am still a student without a degree saf).

Well, I must sincerely confess it has given me sleepless nights. Especially when most of them do not meet the requirements or do not have the necessary skills to my recommended Ways to make some money at home.

See, the World we find ourselves now does not revolve around jobs ( its highly insecured as Aunty Corona has made it crystal) but  #SKILLS (what you can offer).

Think outside the box.

It just so funny to see how most of us are still so much fixated with the archaic way of life and still ignorantly passionate in running the “Rat Race”.

The world is digitizing, Technology is advancing, Trends are changing, and you are just #FIXATED(resisting Change)?

See, until you Change your mindset and adjust to the changing trends, you will keep living from “hand to mouth”, waiting for “moon die” (salary) and always complaining and blaming the Government as if the Govt owes you a BETTER living.

My Brethren, Until you #Reprogram your Mind , You will keep complaining and be an AMBASSADOR of POVERTY, always giving weightless excuses as to why being #RICH is ungodly.(May God have mercy).

Well, if you think living from “hand to mouth” is ok for you, keep it. But stop indoctrinating others with your #POVERTY talks.

The “God” I have grown up to know is a “God” of All Sufficiency. A God Who, “we” are Sons and Daughters of. You cannot be a Child of Such a “God” and still be POOR. NEVER

Then unless of course you have not done what is required of you to claim your birth rite as His Child.

See, For Lack Of Knowledge

(Information), people perish.

Brethren, in All your dealings, also seek financial knowledge(information) and work towards getting a skill.

Honestly, until you learn the dynamics of #WEALTH(money) Creation, you will never get it sufficiently to be a blessing your family and to others.

Making money is HARD, and swimming in POVERTY too is hard. The choice is yours to make.

Which HARD do you want?

#ReprogramYourMind  #WEALTH #FinancialFreedom



#AhWell #TimeNoDey


#ALLisWeLL #GodIsWithUs

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