Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

MCE of Asante Akim south hon Alexander Frimpong disclosed their projects and program done in Asante Akim south municipality by the New Patriotic Party NPP to the people of Asante Akim south Asankare.

According to him said , the people should consider all the benefited projects and programs achieved at Asante Akim south and vote for Nana Addo Danquah for his second term and their member of Parliament hon lawyer Kwaku Asante Boateng.

He uncovered that, NDC are very deceptive, so they should be careful with them and their propaganda.

Again, he opened up that, his constituency was having 198 towns, but he and his member of Parliament had able to share the developmental projects and programs equally for the benefit of all his people.

Cue…. MCE, hon Alexander Frimpong.

Call Obiri Yeboah Fentemfrem junior.0245657503

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