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One of the controversial journalist and presenters in the Ghana media groups, have spoken about the death of Georgina Asor Botcway.

Controversial journalist Captain Smart has indirectly told the government of Ghana to sign a death sentence for the Tufuhene of the Mankessim area called Christopher Ekow Clarke, who has been arrested as a prime suspect for the killing of Georgina Asor Botcway.

According to Captain Smart, he is short of words in the sense that this Tufuhene in question shares the same boundary line with him in Mankessim. He has known this man to be a good person because of how he reacts with the people of Mankessim. Even though both of them might have had some issues but he still wouldn’t have believed it if no evidence were seen in his house.

You see, he has committed a punishable crime and he must be used as an “escape goat” to help prevent other people who are ready and eager to undertake such an awful act to stay clear off that part.

Indeed if the president of the Republic of Ghana was me, i definitely would have by now pronounced death judgement on him. I wouldn’t have wasted any time remanding and persecuting him, captain Smart reveals.

“If I were the president I would have signed a death sentence for the Nana Clarke”. Captain Smart said.

Source: Operanews

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