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The head pastor of Alabaster Church International, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro has sent another unexpected message to Presidenf Akufo-Addo while asking the President to protect his legacy in this country as things are not well managed in the country now.

While speaking at the 65th Prophetic Independence Word for Ghana, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro strongly told the President to protect his legacy because the citizens in the country are currently feeling serious hardship.

He mentioned that, even though the President is his favorite President but he still has to tell him the very truth so that he will start changing things for the good in this country.

“My President, my favorite President, Nana Addo Dankwa, please protect your legacy. The citizens say the country is very hard and expensive to live in now and it’s true. Please fix things and protect your legacy. Currently, your legacy is being soiled and so there is the great need for you to protect your legacy in this your remaining days in office.” Dr. Kofi Oduro boldly told President Akufo-Affo Addo.

He went on to reveal that some market women he watched on television were so angry at the current hardships in the country and said a lot of harsh words to the President.

” The last time I was watching television and they were interviewing some market women in Takoradi and the way these women were angry. They bitterly cried about the hardships in the country currently and sent very harsh words to the President. This is why you should protect your legacy as soon as possible Mr. President.” Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro told the President.

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