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The founder and leader of Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Kofi Oduro has sent a word of caution to Ghanaians who believe pastors who usually prophecy about elections in Ghana.

Speaking in church this morning, Prophet Kofi Oduro revealed that such pastors are just playing with the word of God. He added that God always choose a better and a decent leader. He explained his point by saying that the pastors who always reveal the results of Ghana election does that without the impact of God. He added that God will never choose a leader who womanize or steal from the ordinary citizens. These pastors usually predict a winner and say that he is the one God has appointed to rule the country.

He is therefore Ghanaians to stop believing in such prophecies because God never select leaders to come and give hardships to his people.

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Speaking about the issue of bad leadership in the country, Prophet Kofi Oduro revealed that it is time to reduce waste in the country. The waste he was talking about is how resources are being wasted without any benefit in return. He added that institutions like the Ghana Police service do not pay for using electricity. He added that due to this, the wives of some police officers tend to waste electricity and use them for business without paying any bill.

Source: Alabaster Box

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