Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

General Overseer of the Alabaster International Ministry Prophet Kofi Oduro has taken the Electoral Commission (EC) to the cleaners over the type of voter card it issued to Ghanaian voters during the registration exercise.

The outspoken man of God said the type of card issued is not only insulting but disgusting.

He also claimed the type of card issued did not correspond to the cost of the entire exercise.

During his second service sermon on Sunday, September 19, 2020, he said the card which looks like rubber could have been done better to look like the Ghana card.

He said: “take a look at the card the EC issued to voters during the registration exercise; you call this a card? Are you serious? Tell us how much one card cost and let’s multiply by all the people who registered and let’s check from the total cost of the entire exercise and you will know that we don’t speak the truth in Ghana”.

You call this disgusting card a card? You should have even done the card just like that of the Ghana card. Even the paper used for the voter card was torn, ” he lamented. Meanwhile, he has slammed the government for commissioning toilets when other countries and leaders are commissioning massive infrastructure projects.

Prophet Oduro stated it is too menial to construct a toilet and organize an event to commission it. Greediness he opined has led our leaders to engage in menial things because they lack vision.

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