Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

It saddens us to chance a message making various social media outlets about 8,000 or more students risking deferment of programs in the University of Education, Winneba due to their inability to pay fees. The said message captures an image of a body purported to be the National president of the National Union of Ghana Students, bearing the name, Dennis Appiah.

The hypocrisy and or propaganda will not make any impact! To set the records straight, Mr. Felix Donkor, SRC President of the University had been through a lot in making it seem better for students, and no one … I repeat; no one should dare compromise his toils! I remember one night at about a quarter pass 2am, he was on a phone call with me listening to the difficulties students were going through in their course registration. Where was the Local NUGS president? Where was Dennis Appiah? What measures did they take to soften issues?

Leadership is about creating a brand for oneself. Good name does not earn with bad deeds. Lazy people do not eat fresh fish. Felix Donkor has suffered so much to create a brand [good name] for himself. Ismail Touhesung has got nothing to show! You all assumed office on the same day, why do you have to jump into Felix’s achievements? Show us your own.

It should also be made known that it is UNTRUE that over 8,000 students of the University of Education, Winneba risk deferment of programs due to non-payment of fees. With immediate effect, the Local NUGS president together with the self acclaimed National NUGS president must apologize to the poor parents and the student body for causing fear and panic!

If you think leadership is about enjoying allowances, please rethink. It goes beyond that. After smuggling to pronounce yourself NUGS president in less than a month, you [Dennis Appiah] have started stealing achievements. Wow!

In my article on the electoral violence in the NUGS congress, I said “we don’t want an imposed president who has got no ideas”. It is now evident in the manner in which Dennis Appiah struggles to fit in as president.

No malice, no hatred, no propaganda, there is no intention to defer any student in the University as misinformed by Ismail Tuohesung and his camp mates. Felix Donkor is resolving the matter.

Signed.✍️ ✍️
PAUL AYUONGA, President of Concerned University Students,
English Education, Level 400.

LAW MAKER, LPresident of Concerned University Students, UEW

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