Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Honorable Ekow Vincent Assafuah who is the New Patriotic Party NPP Member of Parliament for Old Tafo Constituency has been Sternly Warned to quickly Avoid showing everlasting love to Abena Korkor. This is because she can intentionally put him on her next list to disgrace him.

The MP took to his official Facebook page to express his everlasting love for Abena Korkor.

” Abena Korkor is my hero for the month. Let’s show her love and pray for her. All is simply not well. I love you Abena ” The MP publicly expressed his genuine love for Abena Korkor.

This couldn’t go down well with some Constituents who seriously warned the MP to avoid Abena Korkor’s love. Been it friendly love or anything else.

Pls Hon. Your integrity is more important. Once integrity is lost, it can never be recovered. This lady can just ruin it in just a second. Please avoid ever loving her and desist from her shenanigans and protect your integrity. You can help from afar but don’t get close Please ” One Lorty Ampia advised the MP

There were those who also warned him not to cry if Abena Korkor turn her guns on him in the next list with her mental health as an excuse.

Despite the warnings to the MP Honorable Ekow Vincent Assafuah, he says he is still unperturbed. However he will still show love and support for Abena because mental health is real.

” Mental health is a canker that is eating up the youth. Abena Korkor’s story can happen to anyone. I am committed to adding up my voice to mental health Advocacy. Hash tag, LET LOVE LEAD” The MP ignored the warning and wrote again on Facebook.


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