Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

My attention has been drawn to yet another scathing attack on my personality by Kennedy Agyapong on his Net2 TV.
He is heard on his TV station alleging that I have troops at my disposal which I want to use to foment trouble on the day of elections.He further dared me to come to his constituency if I am a man.
I wish to put on record that as a law abiding citizen I cant raise another force outside the state security agencies.

Its sheer mischief and irony that a government that unleashes party goons masquerading as security operatives on innocent civilians in a bye election,a government under whose watch a uniformed soldier was beaten to pulp will today be accusing my good self and the NDC of commanding troops.
Ghanaians are discerning enough not to be brainwashed by the likes of Ken Agyapong and co.

Secondly all the indicators point to a resounding victory for John Mahama and the NDC so why will I intend to cause mayhem to “cancel the elections” as he claims
If ken and the NPP want to cause confusion because they are losing they should be guided by the saying that the will and mandate of the people can never be truncated.
We are focused and poised for a resounding victory.

We in the NDC are patiently waiting for Monday as mother Ghana prepares for change that will bring peace and stability a change that will eradicate corruption at all levels.

Joshua Hamidu Akamba
(NDC National Organiser)

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