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The Kontihene of Brodi Traditional council in the Tain district, Nana Peh Kwasi Anane Korki II has complained about the absence of a functioning telecommunication network, making it difficult for workers whose activities are done with network processes, such as teachers, nurses and other communicative activities to accrued in accomplishment. This has resulted to unacceptable postings to the area and its surrounding communities by teachers, nurses, etc.

He therefore made the appeal to government and telecommunication companies, to as a matter of urgency, extend their services to the area to pave way for development and improve upon the social and economic well-being of the people.
Nana Peh Kwasi, who disclosed this to the Tain FM morning show crew during a visit to the area, lamented residents in the area had to climb trees and hills before getting access to networks to be able to make calls and access information on the internet.

He told the crew that, the problems bedeviling the town is hydra-headed as they lack network accessibilities, a situation which has compelled majorities of the community to resides in the nearby towns for job opportunities.

He appealed to government to construct the road from Debibi through Brodi to Sampa, which is in deplorable state, and impacting negatively on the local economy, as farmers and traders are left stranded and food crops left to rot on the farms.

According to him, successive governments had paid lip services to the socio-economic development of them, which had affected their developments.
The Brodi Conservation Area is in zone 4 of the Tain district, which have over 10,000 populates.

“The surrounding Communities have telecommunication towers with antennas, but we don’t know why we’re left out, at least, one tower will be enough for us”, he cried out.

“The lack of communication network, coupled with bad roads among others, are the disincentives to development partners”, he added.

Or you can call Nana Peh Kwasi on 0540454747

(He works at Sampa so he can be reached).

Source: #TainFM

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