Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Kelvin Taylor has reacted to the recent happenings in this country and has advised that Ghanaians speak or flee. No one likes to be oppressed. And even though Ghanaians are barely heard these days from what we have seen on the media and in the country, no one will like to be under any form of pressure. During elections, many countries experience many forms of violence. But must they happen on the regular in our peaceful country because it is an election? The elections in this country can be conducted safely without any blood being shed.

Kelvin Taylor says that the minister for national security, Albert Kan-Dapaah gives orders which he alleged that are orders to cause atrocities and not to protect the people of Ghana. The Ayawaso west disturbances that led to the loss of several lives were covered up according to Kelvin Taylor and from many members or officials of the Npp, they were going to ensure that more lives were lost or blood was shed just for their selfish gains.

At this point you should run for your life if you think you can not speak in the country, Kelvin Taylor advised. He said this as he reacted to the recent killing and suspicious activities in the Nkoranza robbery case. For many people who have been shocked after the incident, there could be more untold stories and there is a high possibility that no one will get to know the roots of the whole issue as well as the young man might never get justice. However, people have trust in the IGP to be capable of bringing the matter to a level of transparency and justice. The whole country lies in wait for some news from the police department but Kelvin Taylor says nothing will ever be done about it because he knows the kind of leadership in office.

Source: Loudsilencemedia

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