Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

When will perennial floodings in the capital city of Ghana ever end? Coincidentally, today marks the seventh year the country witnessed one of its worse disasters. It is always sad and pathetic to see properties being destroyed and lifes being taken away as a result of a heavy downpour in some parts of Ghana. Nonetheless, today, most parts of Accra have once again experienced heavy rainfall. And this has consequently flooded all the major streets of Accra.

Nevertheless, the recent news circulating all social media platforms has got to do with how the heavy downpour has caused floodings in and around major cities, especially the Achimota-Nsawam roads. From any observers viewpoint, it could be deduced that there is limited space for the movement of cars and thus causing a huge vehicular traffic on the Pokuase stretch of the Achimota-Nsawam road.

As a result of that, Ghanaians have massively reacted. Here are some reactions.


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