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The Asante Akyem South Police Department in Juaso has opened an inquest docket into the death of Victoria Sekyi, a 14-year-old girl who died this morning at the Juaso Government Hospital.’ According to eyewitnesses, Victoria died in the early hours of this morning at Juaso.

Agyei Benjamin, an eyewitness to the tragedy, told Virgin City Radio 105.3 FM lunchtime news that Victoria had mistaken the Sulphuric acid for water, which led to her death.

She mistook it for water. Something that has perplexed the whole family. I can assure you that it was not a conscious decision on her part. It was an accident because it happened exactly as described.

She was sweeping the grounds when her mother told her to stop and get ready for school. She walked outside to brush her teeth, grabbing a toothbrush and a cup of water from the porch.

Her mother had used the cup she chose to mix Texapon and sulphuric acid for soap manufacturing.

Mrs Benewaa Sekyi, Victoria’s mother, was preparing soap on the porch and had used the cup to take a sulphuric acid but had not used all of it and had left some in the cup. Victoria mistook the chemical (sulphuric acid) in the cup for water and used it to brush her teeth.

Benewah, Victoria’s mother, kept yelling for her as she brushed her teeth at the back of the home. The mother assumed she was conversing with the neighbor’s children at the back of the home, but when she returned, she discovered her with a lot of blood in her mouth.

We carried her to the hospital, but she was pronounced dead, said Agyei Benjamin, an eyewitness, this afternoon on Virgin City Radio.

Benewaa, the deceased’s mother, has been arrested and is cooperating with authorities. Victoria’s death is said to have been caused by Benewaa’s negligence, according to Agyei.

While the inquiry is ongoing, Victoria’s remains have been deposited at the Mary Memorial Mortuary in Juaso.

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