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Last week, a 51-year-old man named Luther attempted to fend off a massive crocodile but was carried along a river on the Indonesian island of Borneo.

This is the horrifying moment when the body of the missing father was devoured by a massive crocodile.
Luther, 51, was pulled underwater by a 13-foot crocodile in Indonesia last Tuesday, despite his friends’ futile attempts to scare him away.

When the beast attacked him in North Kalimantan province, he was swimming in the water after picking palm leaves from the Bebatu River.

Luther fought the crocodile and struck him in the head, but he refused to give up. Authorities were alerted to the attack, and they scoured the area unsuccessfully.

Luther was last spotted on February 16 on the same river by a local villager who was able to film an incident when a crocodile feasted on him and then vanished.

The filmmaker, on the other hand, did not anticipate the crocodile appearing alongside the sufferer. “Oh my God, the crocodile ate the man,” the horrified local can be heard saying in the background.

The event was promptly reported to rescuers, according to village head Mahmuda, who assisted in the search for the guy.

“It truly happened here,” he added. Luther was the victim’s name. There have been previous incidents of people being attacked by crocodiles in the canal.”

“No activity in this region, it’s unsafe,” plantation managers have posted on notice boards to warn residents not to approach the canal. There’s a crocodile in the area.”

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