Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

The death of a supposed slay queen, who died as a result of tramadol misuse, has flooded social media.

Despite the fact that we haven’t been able to obtain adequate information about what transpired, close friends and acquaintances have stated that she was misusing tramadol.

While many have blamed her for her own untimely death, others have argued that she cannot be held totally responsible because she came from a shattered household and had no one to guide her.

A young girl in her early twenties who was known among her peers as Candy Barbie, has recently died as a result of her Tramadol consumption.

A video of her has surfaced, in which she can be seen dozing off in a bar due to tramadol misuse. Candy Barbie is said to have died along with another friend of her, Cha Chaa, who also died as a result of Tramadol misuse.

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