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Life is full of mysteries and we do not understand why certain issues occur. We cannot question God and we have no power to bring the dead back to life if God did not permit. Heartbreaking photos from Oti Region causes stir on social media.

Photos Of Caskets Paraded Before The Community.

The photos clearly shows how the six students who died in Kete Krachi West Municipality in the Oti Region were buried. Uncontrollable tears from the people of Ankaase – Matamalam in Oti Region.

Just few days ago, the news from Oti Region indicated that, a private care with the Registration number GR-2392-22 killed six students when they were returning home after school.

It was again reported that the dead bodies were deposited at Kete Krachi West District Hospital. On 13th May 2022, the parents of the deceased Children agreed with the police to do the mass burial.

Members of the town( Ankaase – Matamalam) gathered at the funeral ground to show ther last respect to the children. It was very sad. Men and woman could not stop crying as the dead bodies were placed in different caskets.

The images from the funeral grounds indicates the love that members of Ankaase Matamalam community in Oti Region have for their children.

Photos From The Cemetery.

It is our prayer that, God Almighty will keep our soul from danger and evil In Jesus Mighty name Amen.

Source: Education GH

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