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The world we always hear it’s coming to an end , and so many other stuffs. But looking at where the world is heading to now, there is no doubt it’s truly coming to an end.On an Interview at Asempa Fm, was a Satanic prophet Richard Allotey as he reveals some deep mystery in the satanic world. As most individuals has come to him to sell this soul and others to get married to these spirit for Worth and other things.

On the interview, he showed a bra and panty of a lady, as she came to him to get married to one of the spirits, which was a Crab. And if she has an Intercourse with any guy who forces her too that guy will die unless she goes to speak to the spirit for you if she only loves you, them you can have something her without dying.

He showed a pot, which he says the lady has one and he also has one . So that is what he will put her bra and panty in. He revealed other secrets and other things moT people come there to do. And has advises men to be very careful.

Source:Asempa FM

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