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Efia Odo’s Reaction To Fella Makafui, It is public
knowledge that Efia Odo and Fella Makafui have been at each other’s
throat since 2018 even though they were the best of friends before.

Their whole salty feud came about after Efia Odo claimed that Fella
Makafui went about gossiping about her to others, thus saying something
nasty about her to others.

Well, from the look of things, Efia Odo has no plans to get back to being friends with Fella Makafui looking the comment she just passed about her first singled dubbed “Over”.

In a reply tweet to one of her followers who was asked her to go and
listen to the song, the nude model stated shockingly that she would
rather suck the d!ck of the devil than listen to the song.

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