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Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr, alias Shatta Wale, apologized publicly to his baby mom Michy at a concert in which he was scheduled to play.

Michy and Wale are no longer together, and the socialite has repeatedly accused the artist of failing to care for their baby.

The artist is now in a relationship with a young girl named Elfreda, while Michy has become a single mother responsible for Majesty, their son.

She was reported in an interview saying that her priority is to make Majesty live a nice life and that she does not need to push Wale to support her in order for him to take care of his own child.

Shatta Wale was spotted telling his followers about his baby mom in a new video doing the rounds on social media.

Shatta stopped in the middle of a street carnival act to tell his supporters that Michy is a good woman.

He went on to explain that while things happen in life and couples go apart, he will beg his supporters to support the mother of one.

Michy is still their queen, according to the dancehall performer, even if he is now seeing Freda and would like them to support her in whatever she decides to do.

Watch the video below.

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