Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

A man who was invited on NHYIRA FM revealed the difficulties he had with a lady.

According to the man, they had been together for a while, but they split up due to a misunderstanding.

In 2019, they reconnected. When the lady returned, she had not changed and was even arguing with her landlord.

When she notices that the man is not present, she borrows his phone and calls his customers, mistaking them for his girlfriends.

He claimed to have two buildings under construction, one of which he intended to give to her mother and the other to rent. Unfortunately, his mother died and he was unable to enter the building.

When the woman learned that he owned two buildings, he forced the man to get pregnant with the expectation that she would inherit some of his properties if she had a child with him.

They were still living in the rented house, where the woman was still fighting with the landlord, despite the fact that she was pregnant.

She followed the man to one of the houses he had built after giving birth and forced her way in.


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