Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

A gospel musician named George has described how he fainted after the girl he was dating told him she was HIV positive after he had already slept with her.

George claims he was married with children and was struggling financially because he didn’t have a job and his music wasn’t doing well.

He left the country in search of a better life. He returned to his family after four years abroad, but he and his wife divorced and she left with the children after they had disagreements.

George wasted no time in finding himself another girl. He and the girl began dating before she told him she was HIV positive, and he had previously slept with her and gotten her pregnant before she told him about her HIV status.

George stated that they were planning to visit her parents, but he felt it was critical that they first check their medical status.

George bought the test kits and told his girlfriend to test herself, but she told him to start with himself. He tested himself.

When the test came back negative, the girl tested herself and found out she was HIV positive. George passed out.

She kept her HIV status a secret from him, while George has been sleeping with her without protection because he intends to marry her.

She said she was afraid to tell him she was HIV positive because she didn’t want him to abandon her.

George went to the hospital for better care and a physical. George ended their relationship and asked her to have the baby aborted.

Because the majority of women are HIV positive, George advised men to always have their partners tested at a hospital before starting a relationship with them.

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