Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Rev. Obofour, Nii Addotey Gyata I, has displayed a recently obtained Snake Throne for his chiefdom.

The Sempe Traditional Council enstooled the man of God as the Asante chief of Sempe last year for his contributions to Accra’s growth.

At a well-publicized ceremony held someplace last year, he was given the name Nii Addotey Gyata I.

Finally, Nii Addotey Gyata I  As the chief of all Asante people in Sempe,  has a throne for his chiefdom.
Surprisingly, the throne is built in the shape of a snake rather than Gyata, the Lion.

On social media, the founder of the Anointed Palace Chapel has shared a video of himself seated on the throne.

His caption and background music are a poke at those people he labels as ungrateful for repaying him with evil while doing them good.

Check the video below:

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