Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Andy, Rev. Obofour’s former junior pastor, has accused him of murdering his driver.

According to the former Junior pastor, Rev. Obofour is to blame for the death of his driver, Amewu.

According to Andy, Rev. Obofour humiliated Kwaku Amewu in the church by accusing him of stealing his money, which is characteristic of Rev. Obofour.
Kwaku Amevu became ill and was confined to his room for two months before succumbing to the ghost.

Andy claims that when Kwaku Amewu became ill, Rev. Obofour abandoned him and informed the church that Obofour’s heavenly spirit smote Amewu down for taking his money.

Andy, a former pastor of Rev. Obofour, has accused him of murdering his driver.

Kwaku Amewu has died following a two-month battle with a deadly illness.

Andy accuses his old boss Rev. Obofour of being the reason for Kwaku Amewu’s death.

The head of the Anointed Palace Chapel rarely goes a month without being accused of wrongdoing by competing pastors and former staff.

Apart from his constant nemesis Agradaa, now known as Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng, Osofo Andy and Pastor Savior have been taking jabs at him in recent weeks.


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