Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Some garbage newspapers carried a news item on Wednesday, March 2nd 2022, to the effect that, the unilateral action of the Council Chairman of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), to terminate the appointment of Mr. Francis Obeng as the substantive Finance Officer (FO), emanated from the Attorney-General advise.

Those who are blinded by their desire to usurp power for their past adversaries now turned allies, ought to be reminded that the positions that their allies currently occupy at UEW, are the creation of law; and same applies to the Attorney-General’s office or position. As a result, no one is above the laws of the Republic of Ghana.

It is provided under Statute 81 of UEW Statutes 2020, captioned Discipline of Senior Members that: “There shall be established a Disciplinary Board responsible to the Vice-Chancellor to determine cases affecting Senior Members of the University referred to it by the Vice-Chancellor. … The Disciplinary Board shall be composed as follows:
Pro-Vice-Chancellor as Chairperson;
Three (3) other members appointed by the Vice-Chancellor who shall not be below the rank of the person being subjected to the Disciplinary processes; and,
a Lawyer of not less than seven (7) years standing at the Bar appointed by the Vice-Chancellor”

In light of the above provision, and with Mr. Francis Obeng being a Senior Member, the above due process ought to have been adhered to following the so-called Attorney-General advise.

Since there is no provision in any law of the Republic of Ghana clothing the Council Chairman with the authority to fire any staff of UEW at will, the termination of the appointment of Mr. Francis Obeng as the Finance Officer of UEW, has no legal basis, and as a result, unconstitutional!!

One may have to jog the memory of some people by reminding them that, it was through the due process of law that temporarily ended their employment relationship with UEW; and it is through the same due process that has earned them their jobs back, so let’s all endeavour to respect the laws of this country, because only the Almighty God knows which one of us will fall out with this known crook tomorrow and thus, may require the same law we are flaunting today, to come to our aid.

With the unhealthy developments at UEW given tacit support by some corrupt officers positioned at a known ‘house’, it might be better for them to forget about 2024 and invest their ill-gotten wealth, wisely; since it is vividly clear that a particular individual matters more than any other person within one of the biggest animal family.

Even though I have resolved to be a ‘spectator’ in the ongoing crisis in UEW that arose out of greed on the part of some officers of the University who I sacrificed my life and resources to defend and protect a system that got them into positions that they were never contended with; the illegal termination of the appointment of Mr. Francis Obeng, gave rise to this write-up. If this illegality is not challenged and condemned in no uncertain terms, then no staff of UEW is safe from the claws of this known crook who mostly act through others due to his cowardice!!

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
(son of an upright peasant farmer)

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