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The Military

A Security Analyst, Colonel Festus Aboagye retired, has called on authorities to stop using the military as bodyguards of important personalities in the country.

He said Ghana is not in a state of emergency where the military will be used in protecting state officials.

Col Aboagye was speaking to TV3 on Wednesday, February 3, in relation to the military protection given to the Chair of the Electoral CommissionJean Mensa.

He said “Even when so mandated to provide security to certain VVIPs, it is not the role of the military to drive civilians, not even ministers.

“Maybe the Head of State, maybe the Vice but, especially in situations of emergencies where there is a civil war or there, is a conflict in certain parts of the country.

“But in the normal democratic environment that we find ourselves the military are not bodyguards of MPs, not bodyguards of ministers and definitely they cannot be bodyguards of lawyers.

“Under the circumstances, the EC cannot even be protected by the military unless there is an executive order. Even with the executive order, it must be in a state of emergency, we are not in a state of emergency.”

Source: 3 News

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