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Ghanaians have delved into the short meeting held between the mobile money agents association of Ghana as they paid a courtesy call on the president to reconsider the amount levied on cash transfers and transactions.

The association believes it is just too enormous for Ghanaians to be paying such a huge amount on transfers and transactions over the 100gh threshold. They lamented that it’s jeopardizing their business making it difficult for Ghanaians to patronize this means of transferring, receiving cash, and other cash transactions.

Ghanaians reacted with a worrying attitude sitting that it was just another meeting to talk about without any action taken.

Here are reactions from Ghanaians:

• That’s laudable for meeting this them but those calling themselves our pathetic. But we the agents of mobile money in Ghana have not appointed or elected officials of such to speak on our behalf.

This imposter never told us they were to visit the presidency to solicit our ideas and were surprised when we heard the news. Where’s even our head office and is the registrar general aware of such an organization? God is watching us all. They should continue their selfish acts.

• Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo please Good morning. What’s the essence of placing charges on the price of products, momo commodities yet aiming to block Ghanaians and foreigners from using their sim cards if they failed to register with cards card?

• No administration in the fourth republic ever done such things in Ghana. We need a friendly well-served tenured to be celebrated instead of chaos.

• I’m also surprised that your administration placed charges also on the poor northerners who have no access to education nor personal place of residents and are working for something small by carrying the heavy loads in the market. Thanks.


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