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The Supreme Court of Ghana; in it’s last ruling ruled that, Honorable James Gyakye Quayson, the Member Of Parliament for Assin North, can no longer perform Parliamentary duties, and so must restrain himself from attending parliament.

The 7 member bench presided over by Justice Dotse, on 13 April 2022 ruled that, “The application succeeds. The MP is restrained from holding himself as MP for Assin North, and restrained from attending Parliament, to conduct business on behalf of the people of Assin north. The restriction remains until the final determination of the substantive matter. We direct that the case hearing be expedited”.

Not Satisfied with the Supreme Court’s decisions, Honorable James Gyakye Quayson, filed for a review, at the Supreme Court. The embattled MP argued that, the court’s ruling was a patent and fundamental error of the law; and a breach of portions of Ghana’s constitution.

He maintained that “…the court’s decision failed to appreciate that, the suit was in reality an attempt to enforce the decision of the High Court, disguised as an invocation of the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

The hearing was scheduled for 10 May 2022, but later adjourned to Tuesday, 17 May 2022.

Today, (17 May 2022), the Supreme Court of Ghana will sit, and hear Honorable James Gyakye Quayson’s review application, which is asking the Apex Court, to reconsider its ruling, which stopped him from going to Parliament to perform his duties, as a Member of Parliament for Assin North.

Do you think, that the Supreme Court will change their mind on the initial 5-2 majority ruling, that stopped James Quayson from holding himself as a Parliament?.

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