Authenticity Is Our Hallmark


_For immediate release_

We have a cause to worry about this issue of imposing leaders on us which is very alien to the TEIN and NDC as at large.

Our check reveals that this evil deeds does not have the blessings of the Effutu constituency and the Region at large.Even  not all executives of the Mathias administration are aware of this and that few who are aware fiercely rejected but about only four of the executives we would want to withhold their names for the time being bulldoze their way through with this hogwash.If we are pushed, we have evidences as proof of the region, constituency and some of the executives not in agreement with this evil deeds bestowed on us so those who thinks it is in the interest of appropriate stakeholders are deluding themselves.

In any case if there isn’t something fishy,why not alerting the entire house before but rather you went ahead before Informing the house. We deem it insulting.
The so called appointment executives will not be respected,it is illegitimate and we won’t allow them sit by anything NDC on campus

We are by this calling on the double standard EC who sold forms,couldn’t provide CI governing the process but connived to subvert the will of UEW TEIN and the failed Mathias administration to as a matter of urgency scrap that stinking release since it is not in the interest of the association. The public lamentation exceeds the praise singers this shows majority of us are peeved.
The justifications given by the integrity deficient Mathias administration for appointment are all frivolous.
An interim committee could be set for about 2 weeks so elections are held to make it more democratic devoid of any cracks. The association was in good shape till this administration jeopardised it.

We are sending a word of caution that, we make the association and we convinced members to join. Should this illegality hold, we won’t attend any activity of the association and we know where to pay our dues to. Then unless you hire members from other satellite campuses to crusade the course of UEW TEIN or you can carry it to internship as well

We shall be back again.

Thank you!

Ey3 Zu
Ey3 Za

David Sah
Isaac Bimpong
Mavis Agyei
Ofori Christian
Osei Bamfo
Alfred Gyampo
Owusua Beatrice
Kwarteng Anim
Adams Akudugu
Zakari Francis
Sefakor James
Goodname Blanckson

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