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Tears As A Woman Dies In Saudi Arabia After Being Forced By Her Boss To Have One Of Her Kidneys Removed

A family is in pain and grief after their family member died three weeks after travelling to Saudi Arabia to work as domestic help.

However, after a week on the job, according to information obtained by the family, she was forced to donate her kidneys to one of her ailing bosses, which she bluntly refused.

She was forced to donate her kidneys to her boss’s sick child, which she initially refused, calling her husband and telling him what was going on and how her life was in danger when her boss forced her to donate her kidneys for his child donate, even after saying no and declining she would not donate her kidneys.

Her husband then tried to reach her by phone but was unable to reach her. The husband, named Juma, did not hear from his wife again, only to be informed by her friend that she was gone. According to the employer, Rose Atieno, the deceased, was taken to hospital after falling while cleaning windows.

She was pronounced dead and her body was sent to Kenya just so her family could see surgical procedures and patched wounds on her abdomen. Her family mourns her loss even though she refused to donate her kidneys, it was forcibly taken from her.

She went to Saudi Arabia in search of greener pastures, but her body was sent back to her family.

Our deepest condolences to the bereaved family and I think it is high time our ladies stop rushing to Arab countries to work as maids, and they are put to work instead of getting killed.


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