Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

No form of selection of leaders is done in the first semester but due to the novel virus, the situation is different as a result, Management is still in process to see to it that students leaders are chosen at this dire moment no association on campus has leaders due to the closure of schools. As a result, every association has been tasked to hold on

But the UEW TEIN has in the few days kicked against the schools Management decision of every association holding on with issues regarding election or selection of new leaders until further notice.

The UEW TEIN in the few days for whichever reason went ahead to open nomination forms for interested parties to file and went ahead to vet the nominees outside the schools premises.

Questions on the lips of many is, will the association announce to the school of it new leaders whereas the school told them to hold on or the will keep such executives to work outside the premises of the school?

What are the implications of kicking against the order given by the school?

Stay tuned as we bring to you more updates on the issue thank You

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