Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Ghanaian Comedian Kweku Sintim Misa known popularly known as KSM has kicked against the New Patriotic Party’s mantra of “The Battle Is The Lord’s”.

According to him, the battle has always been in the hands of the citizens who have the power to decide the outcome of an election.

Also, he believes that the citizens have the power to ensure that there is violence or there is no violence after the election because they have the power to decide on what to do.

The BATTLE IS NOT THE LORD’s. We have FREE WILL to use our conscience to MAKE DECISIONS. The decisions we make are our’s NOT the LORD’s The outcome of the election will be the RESULT of our DECISION. Whether its PEACEFUL or VIOLENT is in our HANDS. LORD ABR3,” he said in a tweet sighted by

The New Patriotic Party has over the years used the mantra ” The Battle Is The Lord’s” to prove the power of God in their activities and the fact that God dictates their victory and activities as a political party.


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