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The Churches Are Not Coronavirus Distribution Centres-Bishop Agyinasare

Bishop Charles Agyinasare has expressed amazement that political parties are allowed to hold primaries in this coronavirus era while Ghana cards are also being distributed by the National Identification Authority (NIA) but church services have been limited to 100 people for an hour under strict restrictions and guidelines.
In one of his virtual sermons, the founder of Perez Chapel International said: “This morning, I was chatting with Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams. He said: ‘You see; this coronavirus, it’s not just normal. It is a satanic agenda to make sure that people will not go to church again’”.
“Is it not amazing to you that they are OK to go and vote in primaries, they are not afraid they will get coronavirus; they are OK to got to the market, they are not afraid they’ll get coronavirus; they are OK to go to the supermarket, they are OK to sit in ‘trotro’, they OK to sit in a taxi, they are OK to go everywhere, but when it comes to church, it is like at the gates of the church, we are distributing coronavirus”, Bishop Agyinasare wondered.
“That is what the devil has made people to think”, he said.
“How can you go to the market, where there are so many people, thousands of people; and as for that place, you won’t get coronavirus, and when you come to church, where we are determined to have social distance, as for that place: ‘I’m scared, if I go into the church, [I’ll get the disease]’; the devil is a liar”, he stressed.
He, thus, urged Christians to fast and pray against the plans of the devil.

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